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 Smart O2 IT90 Wall Mounted HRV

 Smart O2 IT90 Wall Mounted HRV  Smart O2 IT90 Wall Mounted HRV  Smart O2 IT90 Wall Mounted HRV

Smart O2 IT90 Wall Mounted HRV
MENRED Wall mounted heat recovery ventilatior, design for decentral venlator, easy to install, energy-efficient heat exchange ,compact design, the filter constantly drawing contaminants like mould, pollen, and other toxic particles out of the air, cleaning the air as it moves through the system that purification can reach to 99%, and improving the indoor air quality at home or worksite. A nice product to install in room and enjoy the fresh air during indoor.

Wall mounted hrv Smart O2 IT90


1. Suitable for renovated homes, easy to install, not to destroy the original decoration style.

2. The main unit is compact and space-saving, which can meet the demand for fresh air in small spaces.

3. Using galvanized sheet, effective against the corrosion of air and water, durable.

4. Adopt auto baking paint, bright color, easy to clean and strong protection.

5. Double-layer sheet metal structure, sandwich insulation, effectively reduce noise.

6. Both fresh air and return air side adopt EBM's RadiCal backward tilting centrifugal fan for reliable operation, low noise and energy saving.

7. Three major sizes of cartridge, tower structure, with super physical adsorption capacity, efficient filtration of PM2.5, no secondary pollution, large filter extension area, longer service life.

8. simple and quick cartridge replacement.

9. Imported full heat exchange core, high enthalpy exchange rate, reduce energy consumption.


Outline Dimension(mm)

Selection Table:

ModelVoltage(V/Hz)Air volume(m³/h)Power(W)Noise(dB(A))Weight(kg)




Filter replacement Filter replacement
1、When the controller cartridge progress bar shows red, please replace the cartridge in time. 2、Open the middle gland plate of the exchange core in the direction as shown. 3、Take out the cartridge in the direction of the figure and replace it. 4、Put the replaced cartridge into the corresponding slot and cover the exchange core gland. 5、Open the cartridge setting page of the controller and press and hold the cartridge progress bar for 5 seconds to reset the cartridge balance, and the display shows 100% that the reset is successful. Note: Steps 1 and 5 are required for CLS4.0S LCD controller, if you purchase other controllers, please refer to the manual of the controller.
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How many modes of Menred G3 ventilator can be set? How many modes of Menred G3 ventilator can be set?
Energy saving mode: The air volume of exhaust air and fresh air are equal. Default wind speed is low speed. Haze removal mode: The fresh air is high speed, the exhaust air is low speed, and the wind speed shows high speed. Sleep mode: Both fresh air and exhaust air are low speed, wind speed shows low speed. Auto mode: Automatically adjust the airflow level according to the indoor CO2 and PM2.5 concentration. User can set the corresponding value in the setting page. For example, when PM2.5 is set to High > 100 > Medium > 35 > Low and C02 is set to High > 1500 > Medium > 700 > Low, when the air quality sensor detects PM2.4 > 100 and CO2 is between 700 and 1500, the wind speed is high.
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What's Mair Membrane Exchange Core? What's Mair Membrane Exchange Core?
After 2 years and 6 months of research, the energy exchange core technology, the subject of the 13th Five-Year National Key Research and Development Program, was put into batch production in October 2019 at Manred Jiaxing Environmental Technology Industrial Park, and the ventilation heat exchange core has since bid farewell to the paper core era. Menred Mair energy exchange membrane system is easy to maintain and only needs periodic filter replacement. No additional power is required, but the airflow itself achieves stable operation and zero leakage rate eliminates cross contamination. The stable performance not only saves the user money in selecting the ventilator, but also saves the user a lot of operating costs during the whole process. Menred Mair energy exchange membrane core uses nano-membrane as the main material, which increases the efficiency of the whole system and is suitable for both winter and summer. During the dry and cold winter months, the exhaust is used to transfer moisture and heat to the dry and cold fresh air. In the hot summer, the moisture and heat are taken away from the fresh air again. The ventilation works uninterruptedly all year round to provide a comfortable environment for users while achieving low energy consumption.
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Why do our home need ERV ventilation? Why do our home need ERV ventilation?
When two people sleep for seven hours, their sweating and breathing produce approximately 7.5 to 8 decilitres of moisture and about 150 to 200 litres of carbon dioxide. They also release some 250 to 300 watts of heat to indoor air. If the moisture content of indoor air rises too high, the moisture condensates in the windows or in the structures of the cold external wall. Structures that have become moist are breeding grounds for microbes and mould fungi, which will before long cause damage to the structures. Almost all fungal mycelia grow at a relative moisture of more than 80% and in normal room temperature. Efficient ventilation removes the carbon dioxide and moisture load as well as smells, taking them out of the house.
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When should I replace the filter? When should I replace the filter?
The default setting of filter life is 6 months(which can be reset in WeChat). After using for 6 months, the filter icon will flash to remind the user to replace the filters. After replacing the filter, long press the filter button for 5 seconds to reset the time.
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How to choose the suitable type of ventilator? How to choose the suitable type of ventilator?
If the area of a computer room is 60 sq meter(S=60), the net height is 3 meters(H=3), and there are 10 persons(N=10) in it. If it is calculated according to “Personal fresh air consumption”, and assume that:Q=70, the result is Q1=N*Q=10*70=700m³/h If it is calculated according to “Air change per hour”, and assume that: P=5, the result is Q2=P*S*H=5*60*3=900m³/h Since Q2>Q1,Q2 is better for selecting the unit. As to special industry such as hospitals(surgery and the special nursing rooms), labs, workshops, airflow required should be determined in conformity with regulations concerned.
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