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Underfloor Heating: Past, Present and Future


Underfloor heating is often misunderstood as only being for those with lots of money, but is also sometimes seen as a recent invention. Imagine you're interested in investing in underfloor heating for your commercial or residential property. Therefore, you may find it of interest to hear a little more about this heating solution's past, present, and future.
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Hydronic Radiant Floor Heating System: How to Choose It.


No mateer water heating, electric heating, mixed water and electricity or heating and cooling, combined cooling and heating. All of them consists of four major subsystems. This article helps guide you through different types of heated floors in terms of products, installation, and energy efficiency to select the right one for your house.
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Real VS Fake Identification Report of Menred Thermostats 


Reasons why you should choose real menred thermostats, for Safety, Reliability, Durability and lower maintenance cost.
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Features of Menred Heat Exchanger Core


Menred ERV core, adopting nano-membrane as core material, greatly improves the energy recovery efficiency of the ventilation system, and is effective in both summer and winter conditions. The core is washable, no air leakage, and does not freeze even when the outdoor temperature drops to -20℃. Our ERV core works year round providing maximum energy savings and comfort for you!
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Professional Ventilation Equipment Manufacturer:Menred Ventilator Factory Introduction


Located on the shore of Xiangjiadang in Jiaxing's Nanhu District, Zhejiang Province, Menred Jiaxing Environmental Technology Industrial Park is one of three major industrial parks of Menred Group. Every family breathes better air with every ventilator machine we produce here.
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Further know Wall Mounted Smart S1 O2 ventilator


Every day we stayed indoors for more than 15 hours. The average breath per minute is about 17 times, the air you breathe every day is about 20 m³. Ventilator is a device that bring fresh outdoor air into your building, then you can stay indoors with fresh air. Menred dedicates to the research of ventilator to achieve good indoor air quality. Smart S1 O2 Ventilator is designed to be very user-oriented. In this article, further know Smart S1 O2’s detail structure, installation diagram, easy operation and maintenance of filter replacement. Let’s make your life more comfortable and energy efficient.
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A smart thermostat one day tour in factory|menred factory tour II


Thermostats are devices that are used to sense and regulate the room temperature of the air, water. A thermostat maintains an ideal temperature of indoor room. To control the constant heating and cooling temperature, we menred strictly control every step of the processing technology, from design to process and assembling, during processing, every process is inspected, and then 100% of final product is inspected.

Injection workshop, PCB workshop, three-proof workshop, and 100% ageing test room are all available in our factory, the daily production capacity of thermostat is 5,000units, not only for floor heating but also for air-conditioning FCU thermostats.

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How underfloor heating manifolds are made|menred factory tour I


One of  MENRED factory located in Oujiangkou, a visit to observe the products being manufactured and process at workshop.This factory sit produces radiating heating systems products, which including room thermostats, manifolds, PERT pipes PE-Xa pipes, boilers and so on, here shows how the manifolds produced in workshop.

Manifolds are produced automatically, machine processing, assembling, pretightening, 100% leakage test under water, all of these are aim to offer the best quality products to you. 

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How to realise a dream house


Menred miBEE Smart Home IOT System

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Ecomomy Park HQs, Yueqing City, China.


Weisswasser Germany

MENRED Green Building Industrial Park

Oujiangkou New Area,Wenzhou City,Zhejiang China.

MENRED Enviromental Tech Industrial Park

Nanhu District, Jiaxing City, Zhejiang China.