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About Us

Menred Group


mission and value

Mission  Innovation for Building Carbon Neutrality

Vision   Led the team to feel the happiness of Set-up

Value  Customer first  Cooperate & co-creation  Diligent 
            Curiosity  Positive  Embrace change  Keep simple
                                Separation of Powers

Company profile

Menred in brief 2022 ‘Innovation for Building Carbon Neutrality’

Menred since 1995, is a leading global manufacturing industry cluster of "radiant heating and cooling, ventilation, water purification and smart home", a partner of the National Key Laboratory of "Future Building" and a certified factory of Electrolux AB(a leading global appliance company). ‘MENRED Comfort Home’went from temperature control to systematic air conditioner, from saving on bill to energy efficient, from product to user thinking. We are passionate about comfort home product solutions, innovative development of green building equipment, engineering application and research of Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) and energy storage.

Under our group, there are 4 National High-tech Enterprises and 3 High-quality Development of Technologically Advanced Enterprises, which have been awarded the national government title of ‘technologically advanced little giant’ and Service Oriented Manufacturing Demonstration Enterprise. Our group was awarded the honor of ‘Zhejiang Made with World Quality’, quality sponsor of International Solar Decathlon China, patent demonstration unit, Enterprise R&D Center, Green Factory, the most beautiful factory, etc. We participated in national project including the 12th Five-Year Plan "Efficient Application of Renewable Energy in Buildings" and the 13th Five-Year Plan "Heat and Moisture Exchange Membrane Core", and won the ‘China Award for Science and Technology in Construction’ by the Ministry of Housing and Construction.

We are based on industry, believe in digital manufacturing.

Menred has four industrial parks, including German Weißwasser industrial park, Lingkun Island green building industrial park(heating and cooling), Jiaxing Environmental Technology industrial park(ventilation and water purification) and 5mg heat pump air conditioning industrial park. We have reached strategic cooperation with China Academy of Building Research and Dais technology U.S. to build a national standard environmental technology laboratory, CNAS-accredited ‘Dongming Polymer Laboratory’, Migratory Bird New Energy Housing Research Institute and miBEE Digital HVAC Platform, insisting on tamping the industrial foundation of ‘Industry, Academia,Research and Use’.

We set standards and lead innovation.

We participated in the development of national standards such as GB/T51350‘Technical standard for nearly zero energy buildings’ and GB/T 40438 ‘Integrated heat pump environment control unit with outdoor air’, and have participated in total of 24 national standards and 36 standards from group, local and industry. We are also a member of the National HVAC and Purification Equipment Standard Committee (SAC/TC143), the Council Unit of the HVAC&R Association Branch, the Vice Council Unit of the Comfort Home, Fresh Air and Water Purification Association Branch, and the Chairman Unit of the National Radiation Air Conditioning Alliance. We promote the development of standards to establish technology systems and lead the industry technology innovation.

We serve the world and pursue win-win cooperation.

There are 2,700 of our offline retailer stores in China, our operation and service organizations are spread worldwide. We created a Comfort Home Industry Internet platform,created a S2b2C business model to empower and servedistributors. ‘Four online’ of our Ljj App is built for the purpose of increasing efficiency and reducing costs: Staff Online, Product Online, Customer Online, Management Online. A growth flywheel with four components was built: product innovation, classification, customer experience, platform empowerment. We serve the world and pursue win-win cooperation with more than 3,000 partners and 15,000 online members.

We preserve nature and seek for sustainable development.

In the context of global climate change and Chinese national strategy of emission peak and carbon neutral, we should be in awe of life, production should be in harmony with nature,setting a self deadline for energy resource recycling and efficient utilization and route map.Innovative thinking and start-ups for carbon neutrality, practicing PEDF(photovoltaic, energy storage, direct current, flexibility) to assist the development of zero carbon emission production,promoting the upgrading on technologies of new energy house and nearly zero energy building. We have our mission always in mind: Innovation for building carbon neutrality.


Menred is committed to home comfort system integration and green building technology



Economy Park HQs, Yueqing City, China.


Weisswasser Germany

MENRED Green Building Industrial Park

Lingkun Island,Wenzhou City,Zhejiang China.

MENRED Enviro-Tech Industrial Park

Nanhu District, Jiaxing City, Zhejiang China.