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SEH35 Thermostatic Actuator for Underfloor Heating

MENRED SEH35 thermostatic actuator apply to temperature control, fluid mixing center and freeze protection, as a valve and manifolds actuator to open or close based on a temperature set point. SEH35 thermal actuator is available to 24V and 230V, wax-based makes the actuator performance better, that result actuator as a star product of menred, with annual sales of over million.

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SEH50 Thermal Actuator

SEH50 electro thermal actuator can be used with electrical on/off-controls to activate several types of valves and floor heating manifolds. The actuator is made for either 24V or 230V supply in normally closed. 

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T9 pipe Manifolds for Underfloor Heating

T9 pipe manifolds is designed to optimally control the flow and distribution of hydraulic underfloor heating system, temperature regulation and pressure. High quality T9 manifolds is the heart of hydronic underfloor system, which can not only save the energy and money, but also achieve working perfectly without maintenance. Menred manifolds go through 100% leakage detection of underwater gas pressurized test from 0.6-0.8MPa before handover, to ensure total durability and reliability.

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RT52 Wifi Thermostat for Heating

MENRED RT52 wifi thermostat designed for hydraunic heating systems, 3.5 inch interface that large touch screen display makes control and programming easy. One touch to get the desired temperature, Ai wifi function is available, 2.4GHz/5GHz wifi bluetooth configuration, mobile APP(Tuya smart) remote control.

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TM30 Thermal Actuator

TM30.23 electro thermal actuator can be used in the floor heating manifolds, small valves, and motorized balance valves. Its noiseless when working. And the screw thread is M30*1.5mm universal type. 

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SEA23 Electric Actuator

SEA23 series electric actuator is used in conjunction with a valve to control the flow of hot water or/and cold water in floor heating systems or air-conditioning systems. 

1. Power on prompt function. The indicator lights up when power on and lights off when power off
2. No working noise
3. Nut connection mode, simple, fast and easy disassembly

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PE-RT Heating Pipe Yellow Amber

Menred MellePE-RT 2-layer  heating pipe is a 2-layer co-extrude polyethylene pipe, are produced with LG SP980 PE-RT raw material. Germany Krauss-Maffei technology equipment and high-grade raw material enhance  the temperature,pressure, wear and creep capabilities. 

Menred PE-RT pipemaintain Excellent

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PE-RT 2-layer Heating Pipe Gold

Menred MellePE-RT 2-layer heating pipe is a 2-layer co-extrude polyethylene pipe, are produced with LG SP980 PE-RT raw material. Germany Krauss-Maffei technology equipment and high-grade raw material enhance the temperature

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PE-RT 5-Layer Underfloor Heating Pipe Gold

Menred Melle PE-RT 5-layer central underfloor heating pipe is a 5-layer oxygen barrier crosslinked polyethylene pipe, are produced with LG SP980 PE-RT raw material. High-grade raw material enhance the temperature, pressure, wear and creep capabilities. Menred PE-RT 5-layer pipe maintain the excellent long-term performance for radiant floor system.

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PE-Xa 5-layer Underfloor Heating Pipe

Menred Melle PE-Xa 5-layer O2 barrier underfloor heating pipes are with its co-extruded EVOH oxygen diffusion barrier, which limits oxygen permeability, produced with Boreaslis HE1878E,high- grade raw material enhane the temperatue, pressure, wear and creep capabilities to maintain the excellent long- term performance in the hydronic and radiant heating and cooling systems.

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