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How to choose the suitable type of ventilator?

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How can I know the air volume I need?

Room typeNon-smokingSlight smokingHeavy Smoking
Ordinary wardGymTheater&mallOfficeComputer roomDining roomVIP roomMeeting room
Personal frsh air consumption(m³/h)(Q)17-428-208.5-2125-6240-10020-5030-7550-125
Air changes per hour(P)1.06-2.650.50-1.251.06-2.661.65-3.92.5-6.251.25-3.131.88-4.693.13-7.81


The area of a computer room is 60 sq meter(S=60), the net height is 3 meters(H=3), and there are 10 persons(N=10) in it.

If it is calculated according to “Personal fresh air consumption”, and assume that:Q=70, the result is Q1=N*Q=10*70=700m³/h

If it is calculated according to “Air change per hour”, and assume that: P=5, the result is Q2=P*S*H=5*60*3=900m³/h

Since Q2>Q1,Q2 is better for selecting the unit.

As to special industry such as hospitals(surgery and the special nursing rooms), labs, workshops, airflow required should be determined in conformity with regulations concerned.



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