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What's Mair Membrane Exchange Core?

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After 2 years and 6 months of research, the energy exchange core technology, the subject of the 13th Five-Year National Key Research and Development Program, was put into batch production in October 2019 at Manred Jiaxing Environmental Technology Industrial Park, and the ventilation heat exchange core has since bid farewell to the paper core era.

Menred Mair energy exchange membrane system is easy to maintain and only needs periodic filter replacement. No additional power is required, but the airflow itself achieves stable operation and zero leakage rate eliminates cross contamination. The stable performance not only saves the user money in selecting the ventilator, but also saves the user a lot of operating costs during the whole process.

Menred Mair energy exchange membrane core uses nano-membrane as the main material, which increases the efficiency of the whole system and is suitable for both winter and summer. During the dry and cold winter months, the exhaust is used to transfer moisture and heat to the dry and cold fresh air. In the hot summer, the moisture and heat are taken away from the fresh air again.   The ventilation works uninterruptedly all year round to provide a comfortable environment for users while achieving low energy consumption.

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