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How many modes of Menred G3 ventilator can be set?

views: 1973  time: 2021-08-18

Energy saving mode: The air volume of exhaust air and fresh air are equal. Default wind speed is low speed.

Haze removal mode: The fresh air is high speed, the exhaust air is low speed, and the wind speed shows high speed.

Sleep mode: Both fresh air and exhaust air are low speed, wind speed shows low speed.

Auto mode: Automatically adjust the airflow level according to the indoor CO2 and PM2.5 concentration. User can set the corresponding value in the setting page.

For example, when PM2.5 is set to High > 100 > Medium > 35 > Low and C02 is set to High > 1500 > Medium > 700 > Low, when the air quality sensor detects PM2.4  > 100 and CO2 is between 700 and 1500, the wind speed is high.



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