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Yunxi Taoyuan manor

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 Yunxi Taoyuan manor

 Yunxi Taoyuan manor  Yunxi Taoyuan manor  Yunxi Taoyuan manor  Yunxi Taoyuan manor

Use:This case is located in the scenic city of Yiwu. This project adopts intelligent lighting system, intelligent security system, intelligent curtain system, intelligent HVAC system, intelligent background music and voice system. The whole house intelligent control is realized.

Application:  Manor 

Characteristics: A variety of intelligent security linkage, all-round protection. Integrate intelligent illumination technology, touch four-leaf switch, air conditioning, floor heating and fresh air technology, make full use of data for algorithm analysis, carry out intelligent linkage setting, greatly save energy consumption and build a green ecological environment.

More about this product

VIP services can be enjoyed through the Saas platform. Monitor the equipment in real time, and set abnormal alarm; When the equipment is abnormal, timely send information to the operation and maintenance service personnel of the air conditioning service provider for on-site accurate service in advance.

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