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Which room thermostat is best?

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Menred Best thermostats for 2021

Our pick: Menred RT51 series room thermostat

This is the best selling thermostat in 2021, thanks to its large screen, easy to operate and no manual required, just like an iPhone. This digital room thermostat has weekly programm function, each day has four events as per week, you can set as you like. This thermostat can detect when a window had been left open and start the energy saving heat to save your bill and energy.

It is also a smart room thermostat, when you choose RT51.XXi are wifi thermostats. We choose Tuya software andApp to controlled by mobile device. No matter where you are in the world, as long as your mobile phone has electricity and internet, you can control your home underfloor heating. Even if you are not at home, you can bring warmth to home.

Runner-up smart heating thermostat:  Menred Bell1 wireless room thermostat

This wireless room thermostat is no 220V power required, the thermostat Bell1MF is wireless boiler thermostat and powered by 2 AAA batteries, which is convenient to remotely control underfloor heating system, and also very easy to connect the boiler, there is a potential free output for boiler on the receiver Bell1MN.

Budget pick.

Most Budget underfloor heating thermostats is Menred thermostat E series, these series thermostats  sold very well in the market for more than ten years. Start with originality, loyal to quality.

We have sold nearly 10,000,000 pieces in the past 10 years, E series thermostats are very classic with reasonable price, this digital thermostats including mechanical thermostat E7, easy operate type E3, daily programmable type E6, weekly programmable type E5, and Touch screen type E9, all of them were very popular in the worldwide.

Although they are very popular in the market, we have to give up the E-series products, because this series thermostats have been counterfeited by too many factories, especially in Russian-speaking countries, we fund many products sold online were not produced by menred, which is deceiving consumers. In order to provide more authentic products to more users, we are cracking down on fake factories while actively developing new type room thermostats. In the next few years, we will gradually stop producing E-series products and develop more and better thermostats for end user.

Like RT series smart room thermostats, and LS series room thermostats are all good choices for you.

How to identify Menred's genuine thermostat?

1.Identification report of menred room thermostat

2.Please purchase menred products through the official channels.

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