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Real VS Fake Identification Report of Menred Thermostats 

views: 1561  time: 2021-10-14

Recently, we have frequently received complaints from some users about thermostats, a series of complaints like uneven display of LCD screen, unstable operation, easily breakdown, replace thermostats frequently, wiring terminals burned out, etc. In response to these complaints, our after-sales department made a investigation into users' thermostats with complaints, it found that these poor quality thermostats are not from official Menred, these are fake thermostats in the markets. Now we summarize the following comparison points about how to identify REAL and FAKE menred thermostats.

Thermostat Housing

Fake: With tiny impurity

Real: Smooth uniform color

Thermostat frame structure

Fake: Complex

Real: Simple


Fake: No conformal coatings ( Insulation, anti-corrosion, humidity resistance)

Real: Conformal coatings(insulation, anti-corrosion, humidity resistance)has extremely  high insulation strength, high and low temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, dustproof, waterproof, anti-aging for long-life stable performance.

Bulk Capacitors

Fake: No bulk capacitors on the PCB

Real: Bulk capacitors on the PCB can instantly power-on and filtering without faults

Freewheeling diode

Fake: No freewheeling diode next to relay shorten the relay's lifetime

Real: With freewheeling diode next to relay protect the relay reverse surge and extend the relay's lifetime

Pins size

Fake: Thin pins on the brass terminal affect the stability and lifetime

Real: 16 A bold pins on the brass terminal extend the lifetime

Reasons why you should choose Real, for Safety, Reliability, Durability and lower maintenance cost.

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