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Smart Exhibition Hall in Singapore

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Smart Exhibition Hall in Singapore

Smart Exhibition Hall in Singapore Smart Exhibition Hall in Singapore Smart Exhibition Hall in Singapore

Use: Singapore exhibition hall is located in Marxiling Industrial Road。The exhibition hall is an important display of the integrated smart home solution of comfort, health and intelligence, covering the intelligent scene control of HVAC, lighting, electric curtains, security, video and audio entertainment equipment, etc. MiBEE is committed to providing Singapore customers with a high quality, warm and more intimate smart lifestyle.

Application: Exhibition Hall

Characteristics: A variety of switch scenarios combined use, easy to achieve intelligent control. DALi is used to adjust the color temperature of the area lights. The color temperature, color, and light and shade can be controlled remotely through the panel or mobile phone

More about this project

All light and curtain switch panels use passive wireless switches. All switches can be fixed after decoration, the whole process does not need to reserve cartridges, slotting, wiring. The switch can also set the scene, such as "leave home mode". In addition, the whole house central air conditioning and heating is also integrated into the intelligent system, enhance the comfortable experience of the owners and their family.

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