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Two Channel Dimmer RPL.D2

Two Channel Dimmer RPL.D2 Two Channel Dimmer RPL.D2

Two Channel Dimmer RPL.D2
Two-way CMOS dimmer, each can drive the loop 1 a current load. Better dimming effect than conventional SCR. You can set the maximum and minimum values for different lamps. The dimming mode is thyristor. It can adjust the brightness of the light and realize the customized light brightness data by pressing one key. Device actions are performed primarily by receiving wireless ENOCEAN signals. You can set different parameters for the actuator by pressing buttons, such as whether to enable the trunk function. Simple operation, high efficiency and stability

Technical data

voltage: AC110V-AC230V 50/60Hz

Load current: maximum load 8A (resistive load)

Control channel:2 channel

Rated power: <3W

Wiring terminals: a single terminal can be connected to a maximum of 2X1.5mm2 or 1X2.5mm2

Working environment: -20 to 50℃

Humidity: < 95%

Protection level: IP20

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