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One of the coolest factories

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At the beginning of 2022,one of menred factroies(Oujiangkou Green Building Industrial Park) which is located in the Oujiangkou Industrial Cluster, Wenzhou, won the title of the most beautiful factory in Wenzhou.

MENRED Oujiangkou Green Building Industrial Park

In 2021, the Propaganda Department of Wenzhou Municipal Party Committee and Wenzhou Municipal Bureau of Economy and Information jointly launched the search for "the most beautiful factory". After enterprise declaration, local recommendation, expert visit and guidance, online voting, expert review and publicity, etc., the research and determination of Wenzhou City in 2021MENRED Group Green Building Industrial Park was selected in the list of "the most beautiful factory".

Where is the beauty of "the most beautiful factory"?

  • Carbon neutral factory, image beauty is a hard threshold

Covering an area of 60,280 square meters, the Green Building Industrial Park ofmenredGroup uses 16 green technologies, three-star green building in China, LEED in the United States, ultra-low energy consumption buildings and other relevant design requirements, and has been included 50 cased ofChina Ultra-low/NearlyZero Energy Buildinggood practice Cases. It is a veritable carbon neutral factory.

  • Carbon Neutral Factory · MENRED Group Green Building Industrial Park

The installed capacity of photovoltaics in the Green Building Industrial Park of MENRED is 1.08 MW, and a total of 4,000 polycrystalline silicon photovoltaic panels of 1.6 square meters will be laid. In 2021, the photovoltaic power generationwas 1.04 million kWh, and 80% of the photovoltaic power generationwasused for the daily electricity consumption of the park, saving ¥640,000 bills. The remaining 20% was transferred to the State Grid.

Compared with traditional thermal power generation, it can save 337.6 tons of standard coal every year, reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 934.9 tons, sulfur dioxide emissions by 28.1 tons, dust by 255.1 tons, and save water by 3751.0 tons.

Photovoltaic panels installed in MENRED Group Green Building Industrial Park 

Another highlight of the MENRED Group Green Building Industrial Park is the 600-square-meter ultra-low energy consumption experience room - "Migratory Bird School". Every year in July and August, a migratory bird courses for our employees’ kids is set up in the park during the summer vacation. Professional preschool teachers and tutors are hired to lead the class, so that those kids who are separated from their parents  can reunite with their parents during the holidays.

The Migratory Bird School is designed by the China Academy of Architecture. The 5+mg fully co-supplied system AC in the Migratory Bird School ensures indoor heat recovery constant temperature, humidity exchange constant humidity, fresh air constant oxygen, haze removal and constant cleaning, micro-positive pressure constant wind. The Migratory Bird School integrated menred current core technologies and products, and has the functions of detecting energy consumption, simulating the environment to demonstrate system parameters, and building an experimental platform for subsequent technology development, data collection, and scene simulation.

  • Exterior is beautiful, interior is amazing

Oujiangkou Green Building Industrial Park is the beginning and practice sample of menred exploration of green building.

Menred is the only compiling unit in Zhejiang Province of GB/T51350-2019 Technical Standards for Near-Zero-Energy Buildings. Participated in the national project: Integrated Application and Demonstration of Renewable Energy in Low-Energy Buildings in the 12th Five-Year National Science and Technology Support Program, The 13th Five-Year National Key R&D Program Subject Plastic Film Development of Heat Recovery Exchange Cores. At the same time, it is the key partner of the 13th Five-Year R&D Special Achievement-Future Building Laboratory, Menred underfloor heating,energy recovery ventilation,smart home, water purification and other productswere in 2020, 2035, and 2050 future buildings, respectively, to provide product support for the laboratory to carry out the work towards 2060 carbon neutrality, energy conservation and emission reduction.

Oujiangkou Green Building Industrial Park has a CNAS-accredited testing laboratory, which undertakes the testing and research and development of electronics and polymers, and escorts all Menred heating products.

Leading figure: Yu Dongming, chief engineer

· Chief Expert of Menred Polymer Laboratory

· Scientific research leader of the 13th Five-Year Project "Near-Zero Energy Building Technology System and Key Technology Development"

· Drafter of "Oxygen Barrier Cross-linked Polyethylene PE-X Pipe" made in Zhejiang

· Member of Expert Committee of China Plastics Processing Industry Association

· More than 60 years of experience in educating people, research and development, fruitful results, more than 30 Chinese patents, 1 international patent, and 2 Monographs.

In 2020, the first underfloor heating Defined quality certification was awarded to Menred,that Defined quality Made in Zhejiang brand certification was officially launched by Zhejiang Province at the end of 2014. It integrates quality, technology, service and reputation. It is recognized by the market and society as a regional brand image that represents the advanced nature of Zhejiang's manufacturing industry. It is the benchmark and leader of Zhejiang's manufacturing industry.

ZhejiangMENRED Comfort System Co., Ltd. is the first company in Oujiangkou to obtain theDefined qualitycertification, and Menred underfloor Heating is also the first brand in the industry to obtain this certification.

  • Innovation for building carbon neutrality

Since 1995 to 2022,there were 27 years of entrepreneurial history, at present menred Group owns many brands such as German Hamburg,Weisswasser, miBEE Smart, 5+mg System Air Conditioning Comfort Home. There are 4 professional Subsidiaries won the title of National High-tech Enterprise, 3 professional subsidiaries were listed on the Specialization, refinement, specialization and novelty listed in Zhejiang Province, participated in the drafting of 75 national standards, launched the E-commercial retail platform in the comfortable home industry, with more than 3,500 SKUs on the LJJ apps, and more than 2,000 terminal stores nationwide.

In 2021 Wenzhou Municipal Government's Top Ten People's Livelihood Practical Events Cozy Classrooms and Campus Fresh Air project, Menred Group actively participated in the public welfare mentality and business approach, and the winning areas: Yueqing City, Yongjia County, Longgang City, In Lucheng District and Taishun County, Menred heat recovery ventilators guards 1,721 classrooms and students.

Installation photo of cozy classroom and campus fresh air

In Desheng Village, Zhangbei County, Zhangjiakou City, where the Winter Olympics just ended, the 3rd China International Solar Decathlon Competition gathered 15 teams from 10 countries and 30 universities around the world. Among them, Xi'an Jiaotong University, Xi'an Architecture and Technology University, Southeast University, Harbin Institute of Technology, Zhejiang Normal University, Tianjin University, and China University of Mining and Technology are equipped with MENRED’sAIO system for air conditioning, heating,energy recovery ventilation, water purification, smart home, etc., 15 buildings The new energy building will permanentlykeep inDesheng Village and become a new landmark.

5+mg AIO system supports International Solar Decathlon

15 new energy buildings become new landmarks

From a controller to the whole industrial manufacturing chain of cooling, heating, ventilation, water purification, smart home, from traditional manufacturing companies to the firste-commercial retail platform for sustainable comfortable homes,from temperature,air and water to carbon neutrality in green buildings,menred provides excellent products and technologies,building the comfortable home and environment friendly.

In 2022,we refresh our mission of Innovating for carbon neutral buildings, as Menred No. 1 employee/CEO Mr. Chen Linan said in his year opening letter to employees: "Awaken the sense of professional loftiness, strengthen your heart and gain growth, and surpass yourself with a higher ideological stand".



Economy Park HQs, Yueqing City, China.


Weisswasser Germany

MENRED Green Building Industrial Park

Lingkun Island,Wenzhou City,Zhejiang China.

MENRED Enviro-Tech Industrial Park

Nanhu District, Jiaxing City, Zhejiang China.