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Why is it called "Migratory Bird School"?

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Menred has many young couple families, and most of the year, children are separated from their parents. Every summer vacation, the children look forward to getting together with their parents. In order to realize the wish of a family reunion, starting from 2017, during the summer vacation in July and August every year, menredGreen Building Industrial Parkwill open a “migratory bird” class. Professional preschool teachers and tutors will be hired to start classes, so that parents and children can stay together, parents are at work and children are leaning and have fun with tutors, everyday they are come and go back together.

The laughter on the faces of the kids is our motivation to continue the class, looking forward to see you next year.

About the Building design: the appearance of the migratory bird school is different from general buildings. It is designed by the China Architecture Research Institute and adopts building self-shading technology. According to the latitude of the local sun throughout the year, the building orientation and building inclination are calculated , to ensure that the sun can not shine indoors in summer when heat is not required indoors; while in spring, autumn and winter where heat is needed, the sun can shine indoors. This kind of building self-shading design concept makes good use of natural solar energy, greatly Reduce the energy consumption of building operations, both energy saving and comfortable.

The whole house system includes,

01. Ground source heat pump AIO system

02. Heating and cooling radiant system

03. Environmental control machine system: ground supply air and ceiling return, ceiling supply airand return air

04. Floor heating system: water floor heating system, electric floor heating system

05. Energy recovery ventilation system: cabinet type ventilator, one-way exhaust air, ERV central ventilator.

06. Deep dehumidification fresh air system

07. Soil source ventilation system

08. Tubular Daylighting System

09. Solar photovoltaic

10. Whole house water purification system

11. Central vacuum clean system

12. Intelligent control system for the whole house: energy metering system, electric curtains, lighting, background music, environmental monitoring, intelligent security. (Smart Building reported by Enocean)



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