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MiBEE Sponsored "QIJU 3.0" Assembly-type Green Buildings in 2021 Solar Decathlon

views: 2076  time: 2021-11-06

   2021 Solar Decathlon (SDC) was recently opened in Zhangjiakou, Hebei, China. The joint team of Xi'an University of Architecture and Technology and Southwest University for Nationalities participated in the competition with their entry "Habitat 3.0".

As an important sponsor of "QIJU 3.0", miBEE provides intelligent and integrated control solutions for the project, including whole home intelligence, whole heating and ventilation system, renewable energy, charging pile and other products, providing a new residential experience integrating intelligent living and low carbon health.

Project Aerial View

Solar Decathlon  is an international professional competition organized by the U.S. Department of Energy since 2002. There are several regions participating, including Europe, North America, China, the Middle East, and Africa, and the competition has an influence worldwide. The goal is to build a small house powered entirely by solar panels through architectural and engineering integration, and to analyze five design features and test five technical indicators.

Inside and outside the entrance hall

In response to the requirements of “QIJU 3.0” in terms of energy saving, comfort and convenience, miBEE solves the intelligent control problems of heat, humidity, net, light and sound in the space of "QIJU 3.0" by using intelligent control devices at the forefront of the industry, such as the full combined supply system, electric curtains, intelligent lighting and background music, and solar thermal and photoelectric conversion.

Kitchen and bathroom space with ecological


All-in-one HVAC

In the "QIJU 3.0" project, Menred's cutting-edge All-in-one HVAC system is equipped with miBEE intelligent honeycomb host, whose powerful AI algorithm and adaptive control strategy greatly promote the full utilization of energy to achieve radiant heating and cooling, fresh air, and domestic hot water demand in the most comfortable and energy-saving way.

Constant temperature and humidity control: All-in-one system's temperature control has accurate temperature and humidity sensors, creating a honeycomb host that calculates dew point based on temperature and relative humidity within each area, adjusting water temperature based on dew point dynamically to achieve maximum comfort while saving energy.

Purification control: All-in-one system intelligently detects indoor PM2.5 and carbon dioxide content, sends air quality information to the user, turns on the air purification system, records the power consumption of the air purifier, and maintains a balance between energy conversion and energy consumption.



Whole house smart system

By combining lighting, curtains, and background music to control the environment dynamically, miBee makes indoor space into an intelligent living space, where "visual comfort" and "auditory comfort" are achieved.

Leisure Space

MiBEE smart homes can reduce electrical consumption by 20-30% when compared to traditional control methods. Intelligent energy management allows you to operate your home's entire system accurately and in the most cost-effective manner, thereby saving you the most energy.

Light control: Through the background music device, you can control the lighting throughout the house. You can also intelligently select the scenario mode, such as sleep mode, home mode, reading mode, as you wish, to experience different environments. In daily life, you can use electric curtains and intelligent lighting to intelligently balance indoor and outdoor brightness, so that the entire area lighting energy consumption is reduced to a minimum.

Smart Home Light

Voice control: With a cell phone SIRI or background music server, all devices within a room can be controlled by voice, including curtains, lighting, and other items during different scenes.

App control

Remote control: When you go out, you can remotely control various intelligent systems in your home through your cell phone. For example, you can turn on the air conditioner and water heater at home in advance on your way home, so that you can enjoy a comfortable temperature when you return home; when you suddenly remember to forget to turn off the lights and air conditioner on your way out, your cell phone can remotely turn off the equipment with one key, which saves unnecessary energy expenses and maximizes the effective use of energy.


Photovoltaic management

Based on miBEE IoT platform, miBEE relies on AI core technology, built for habitat 3.0 intelligent photovoltaic power generation visualization system, with powerful data processing capabilities, real-time monitoring of the regional photovoltaic power generation system, a comprehensive and intuitive view of photovoltaic information, power generation information, electricity consumption information, indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity, PM2.5, carbon dioxide, etc., while the operating status of intelligent devices at a glance.

Intelligent management platform for photovoltaic power generation

Monitoring can be accomplished on-site and remotely using either a computer or cell phone. A smart, visualized, and refined method for monitoring and managing the operating conditions, including statistics of energy savings and emission reduction.

With this competition, miBEE Smart Home will continue to integrate high-quality resources, explore innovative technologies, support green innovation projects, and work toward the efficient unification of economic and social values. Together, we will help the motherland "energy saving and environmental protection, protecting the blue sky" in the century plan.

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