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What is energy recovery ventilation system

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What is energy recovery ventilation system

Due to the global carbon neutrality target, in order to shorten the emission gap between national emission reduction targets and the global temperature control target of 1.5℃, each countries continue to carry out carbon neutral actions. As energy recovery ventilator(ERV) in the HVAC field, it contributes to reducing emissions in this regard.

Energy recovery ventilator is design for energy saving house, it is the energy exchange in residential and commercial buildings’ hvac systems,it exchanges the energy contained temperature and humidification in exhausted air while heating or cooling, erv unit can be used in colder and hot climates zone. energy recovery ventilatoralso fits to passive house, balanced ventilator with energy recovery to provide a constant flow of fresh filtered air while exhausting an equal, passive house have high requirement for the quality of the applied components because they can dispense with a separate heating system. A highly efficient heat recovery equipment is an essentail component of the comfort ventilation in a“Passivhaus”.

The core part of energy recovery ventilation is the membrane heat exchanger, it can utilize enthalpy transfer that allows for moisture transfer between the heat exchange channel that two different air stream in ventilator, when in winter outside humidity is low, the unit keeps indoor humidity when providing fresh air to home by the membrane heat exchange. When outside humidity is high in spring or summer, this erv unit reduces the air moisture then enter room.

What is energy recovery ventilation system

Erv system is designed to be connected to the vent pipe to take in the fresh air and take ways the exhaust air from house, it’s an air process system and the part of HVAC system. It recaptures cooling air to reduce energy use in HVAC system in summer, as well as recaptures warm air and keep indoor moisturein winter when using underfloor heating. It takes fresh air from outside into the build(rooms) while take the same amount of exhausting air to outside, the fresh outdoor air enters the room only after being filtered by erv systems.

How does an ERV system work

The energy recovery ventilation system realizes indoor and outdoor air circulation through exhaust and air supply ducts, and at the same time purifies the incoming air and realizes heat exchange. The erv system is an independent air treatment system composed of a supply air system and an exhaust air system. Its basic principle and function is to introduce outdoor air while exhausting indoor air, achieving the effect of ventilation without opening windows.

What is the different between erv and hrv

For every air-tight space whateverresidential or commercial space that needsmechanical ventilation system, there are two type of ventilators for choose, one is energy recovery ventilator(ERV), another is heat recovery ventilator(HRV), most people don’t know what is it, let alone how to distinguish it.

ERV the standard name is energy recovery ventilator, it recovers heat and humidification during outdoor and indoor air exchange. Because both temperature and moisture are transferred, Ervs are described as total enthalpic devices. When fresh and clean air enters the room and the exhaust air exits the room, it maintain the humidity balance in your room, as well as the heat when using AC or UFH.  The membrane heat exchange ERV has heat exchange efficiency as high as 70-80% while others as 50%.

HRV the standard name is heat recovery ventilator, by recovering the residual heat(only) in the exhaust air, it recovers about 60-95% of heat in the exhaust air.

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