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What is a thermal electric actuator?

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What is a thermal electric actuator?

Thermal electric actuator,  it is for remote control of system flow, heat (cold) device, suitable for underfloor heating, radiator, and the temperature control of the central air conditioner and the room temperature control.

Electrothermal actuators are mainly used in underfloor heating systems to control the closing and opening of pipes through the manifolds valves. It is specifically used in the electric drive part of the electrothermal actuator of the manifold branch valve, small valve and dynamic balance valve. The working operation is noise-free, and the nut connection and installation method is simple, quick to install, and easy to disassemble.

What is the Electric actuator works principle?

Electrothermal actuator consists of three parts: temperature controller, valve actuator and valve. The room thermostat is installed on the inner wall of the room, and is connected to the electric heating actuator with a cable or without cable(wireless also available). Generally, a 100cm long cable is used to connect the actuator to the selected control point (thermostat, programmer, timer or other remote control device). The actuator is attached to the valve with a nut. When the indoor temperature reaches the temperature set by the temperature controller, the positive thermistor in the electric heating actuator starts to work, heating the thermal expansion device to close the valve, otherwise, the indoor temperature decreases, the thermostat is disconnected, the actuator cools down, and the expansion device shrinks , the valve opens. Generally, it has the function of automatic reset after power failure.


Where is the thermal actuator to installation and application?

The thermal actuator is installed on the radiator thermostatic control valve,two-way and three-way valve, ball valve, zone valves, balance valves and underfloor heating manifolds. It applied to radiator, underfloor heating system, and air conditioning systems.


How does  thermal actuator work?

MENRED electric heating actuator is installed on the underfloor heating manifolds, and FCU valves. The main function of the electric heating actuator is to turn off the water flow when the water temperature reaches the set point, which plays the role of regulating the temperature.

 In 2005,menred had accumulated a lot of technology and experience in the process of promoting the air-conditioning temperature control system, decided to dabble in the field of water floor heatingsystem controls. In that year, we reached a strategic partnership with the FrenchVernet Group, a leading enterprise in the world's in Waxthermal actuator industry,also in that year menred became the first enterprise in China that can independently produce electrothermal actuators with international quality standards. In the next few years, the products were highly recognized by customers,popular in domestic and overseas.For instants, ModelSEH30 isthe first-generation electrothermalactuator, has been selling well internationally for more than 10 years. At the same time, Menred actively invested in research and development of upgraded products and launched more and better products, such as SEH35, SEH50, SEA and other series, due to the SEH30 this The products are too popular and are constantly being counterfeited. We have to stop producing this series of products. We use continuous product innovation to improve the performance of the products. The actuators are recognized by more and more domestic and foreign customers.

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