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What does a room thermostat do in a room?

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What does a room thermostat do in a room?

Room thermostat is design for adjust room temperature. It works by switch on and off the heating system through the temperature control valve can control the amount of hot water entering the heating pipe, the more hot water flow, the higher temperature, and the less flow, the lower temperature.

As a individual room heating,when a room is unoccupied for a long time, the user can close the temperature control valve of underfloor heating in the room via room thermostat to save energy.

Balance the water pressure and provide user with a more comfortable living environment.

At last is saving energy, users can adjust and set the temperature by using the temperature control valve according to the requirements of the room temperature. In this way, the room temperature of each room is kept constant, and the problems of unbalanced water volume in the underfloor heating pipe and uneven room temperature of the upper and lower layers of the system are avoided. At the same time, through the function of constant temperature control and economic operation, it can not only improve the comfort of indoor thermal environment, but also realize energy saving.


Can I have a thermostat in each room?

You can decide whether to install a thermostat in each room according to your personal needs. The purpose of installing the underfloor heating room thermostat is to better manage the room temperature, the room temperature can be adjusted according to the preferences of the occupants. When you sleep at night, you can turn down the living room and study room temperature so as to achieve the effect of energy saving.

You have the option to choose a house with only one controller(one piece of room thermostat) so that all rooms have the same temperature.

How do know what thermostat I need?

First, check your HVAC system to decide.

If that is only one system, heating or cooling, you may choose one function room thermostat, for example UFH thermostat or FCU thermostat.

If that is dual-system with radiant heating and cooling, you may choose the 2in1 room thermostat.

Second, according to the room thermostat operate system to choose

1. manual thermostat is cheap and easy to control

2. Programmable thermostat is automatic operate after pre-set in advanced setting, suitable for lazy mode.

3. Smart room thermostat with wi-fi which is more visible for user.The temperature of each room can be known, and the temperature can be adjusted with a touch of a finger.

Where is the best place for room thermostat?

The room thermostat place should be away from the directly sunlight that will result increase the temperature of room thermostat, away from the air vent that will result decrease the temperature of room thermostat, both of these will lead to inaccurate temperature control and frequent device start-up. The best place is put on an interior wall for easy to read and operate temperature.



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