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What does UFH mean?

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What does UFH mean?

UFH means under floor heating, which is also called Radiant Floor Heating. It uses the entire floor as a radiator, and through the heat medium in the floor radiant layer, the entire floor is evenly heated, and the floor is heated by radiation and convection heat transfer to the room to achieve the purpose of comfortable heating. According to different heat transfer media, it is divided into two types: water underfloor heating and electric underfloor heating. According to different pavement structures, it is mainly divided into dry underfloor heating and wet underfloor heating.

What is the most efficient underfloor heating?

Air source heat pump underfloor heating, in the environment of rising electricity costs, it is recommended to use water floor heating and air source heat pump for independent heating of a house, so that you can use it less bill cost and be more comfortable.

Can an underfloor heating system be used for cooling?

Underfloor heating pipes produced can also be used for cooling, however your choice of floor finishes, manifolds, heat source must be carefully considered. This is because there is a risk that condensation can form, resulting potentially in mildew and possibly a slip risk. Precise dew point sensors and controllers are required here.

There is a special manifolds for recommendation, which can be used in heating and cooling, using Swiss EMS material, the mechanical properties are stronger, and stronger than brass. EPP thermal insulation jacket, cold water anti-condensation.

The wall thickness is 4mm, the inner diameter is 35mm, the valve stem and the driver are connected together, and the valve opening force is 3 times that of the conventional one.



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