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Wesswasser water purifier won the reddot award 2017

views: 1492  time: 2017-12-20

When designing this water purifier, special emphasis was placed on the fact that the filters can be easily replaced. White water enables the user to change the filter himself and without tools. For this purpose, the filter was redesigned taking into account the lever principle. Thanks to its innovative design, the user can simply insert the filter horizontally into the slot, rotate it 90 degrees to click into place and push it up into its final position.

Explanation of the jury

The innovative design of its filters makes this water conditioner particularly user-friendly. It also contributes to the cost-effectiveness of the device, as skilled personnel are no longer required to replace the filters.

Reported by red dot-org

Remarks: Weisswass scien-tech belongs to MENRED



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