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Toubleshooting radiant floor heating systems

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Is radiant floor heating enough to heat a house

In the northern hemisphere, the outdoor temperature is low in winter, and it is extremely cold if it encounters rain and snow, but residential with underfloor heating can enjoy the warmth of the indoors like spring. One radiant floor heating hydronic of course is enough to heat a house.

Radiant floor heating troubleshooting

With the advantages of comfort and stability, the radiant floor heating system is very popular among users, but many users are troubled by the fact that the underfloor heating is not hot or the floor heating cannot reach the ideal temperature. The floor heating is not hot or the temperature is not up to standard, what is the reason it is not warm or couldn't reach to ideal temperture?

1st. Underfloor heating system pipes are blocked

1. when the pipe is blocked,check the water supply and return pipes of the floor heating. If it is found that the return water pipe is not hot, or there is a sound of water flowing in the floor heating pipe, it can basically be judged that there is gas in the floor heating pipe and a gas blockage phenomenon has occurred.


Open the exhaust valve toexhaustuntil the hot water flows out and close.

2. Radiant floor heating has not been cleaned for a long time

If the radiantfloor heating runs for a long time without timely maintenance, more impurities will be generated inside the PERT pipes, which will adhere to the wall of the pipe.

Method of judgment

Yellow, green, red rust, black, etc. appear on the inside of the wall of the floor heating pipe connected tomanifolds fittings, indicating that the pipe is blocked and needs to be cleaned in time.


Professional cleaning is required. Generally speaking, theradiantfloor heating pipeline can be cleaned once every 2~3 heating seasons on average. If the water quality is poor and there are too many impurities, the frequency should be slightly higher.

2nd. Insufficient pressure in floor heating pipes

Insufficient pressure in the floor heating pipeline is a major factor that causes the floor heating not to heat up. Insufficient heating pipe pressure generally refers to insufficient heating pressure. For example, in central heating region the floor of the household is too high or the residence is located at the end of the district heating, or although it is on a low floor, because the high-rise building is divided into high and low district heating, it may still be located at the end of the low district heating system in terms of heating. Because the household'sradiant floorheating system is at the end of the heating system, the pressure in the pipe is insufficient, the water flow rate is too slow, and the water supply of the entire household heating system is insufficient, so the floor heating naturally cannot reach the ideal temperature.


You may enquiry us to solve it, or another option the user can install a circulation pump to increase the circulation of hot water to achieve the desired effect if it is allowed in the local area.

But there are a few issues to be aware of here:

(1) Although the circulating pump can solve the problems of unstable pressure in the floor heating pipeline and too slow water circulation, it is generally not recommended to install it if there is no imbalance in the floor heating circulation system.

(2) During the installation process, pay attention to distinguish between the booster pump and the return pump. The installation positions of the two are different, the former is installed on the water supply line, and the latter is installed at the end of the return pipe;

(3) In principle, the floor heating circulating pump is not allowed to be installed without permission. Central heating users must seek the consent of the property or heating company before installation, while independent heating users can install by themselves.

3rd. The filter is clogged

Theradiantfloor heating filter is easy to be ignored. When the water quality is poor and there are too many impurities in the water, the filter is easily blocked, which will slow down the water flow and make the floor heating not hot.


After closing the main water supply valve, the user can disassemble the filter by himself, and then reinstall it after cleaning, when it is difficult for the user to disassemble by himself, he can find a professionalradian floor heating installation company or personnel to deal with it.

4th. The ground covered too much

Floor heating works from the bottom to the top, dissipating heat through the ground to the surrounding area. If the ground is covered with too many things, such as carpets, legless furniture, etc., it occupies too much area, and the heat cannot be diffused, which will naturally affect the indoor temperature.

Try to choose furniture with legs, reduce the accumulation on the ground, and leave enough space for heat dissipation on the ground.


Of course, the reasons why the floor heating is notwarm or the temperature is not up to standard are not the only reasons mentioned above. It is also possible that the construction insulation and airtightness is not enough; or the design of the pipeline spacing was unreasonable; or the personnel had insufficient business ability during the construction, resulting in a dead bend and flattening of the pipeline. These may cause the floor heating not to bewarm or the temperature to be unsatisfactory.



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