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Solar Decathlon China (SDC) was initiated in China in 2011 as an achievement of the Sino-U.S. Strategic and Economic Dialogues signed by the U.S. and Chinese governments. SDC aims to create a workforce development and education program which can provide student architects, engineers, business majors, and communicators the opportunity to cooperate in designing and building sustainable housing projects that can respond to people’s daily realities and regional development. Since 2017, China Overseas Development Association (CODA) has organized SDC competitions every two or three years, with support from the central and local governments in China. The first SDC was held in Datong, Shanxi Province in 2013 and the second was held in Dezhou, Shandong Province in 2018. The third SDC will take place in the fall of 2021 in Zhangjiakou, Hebei Province.


CODA is delighted to announce SDC21 in the fall of 2021, with Zhangjiakou of Hebei Province as the host city. SDC21 invites up to 15 teams to build competition prototypes to meet a triple challenge in the context of the host city: sustainable development, smart connection and human health. The city of Zhangjiakou will recognize and maintain the prototypes as facilities serving the Winter Olympics in 2022, as living labs of the National Renewable Energy Demonstrative Zone, and as models for regional sustainable development. Teams will have access to the homes for testing purposes for one year following the completion of the competition. More details can be found in the RFP at the SDC website.(Quoted from

What did MENRED do for Solar Decathlon China?

MENRED has been committed to sustainable buildings and recyclable energy consumption such as ultra-low energy buildings, prefabricated house and passive house,as an important system solution manufacturer in the HVAC field, we sponsored 7 universities in this competition, that including energy recovery ventilation system, radiant cooling and heating system, smart home control system and water purification system to improve indoor comfort and energy saving. The off grid solar system supplier is CNBOU.

Some projects of this competition as following

Modular Sustainable Cube

BY Harbin Institute of Technology

Energy recovery ventilation system by menred


BY Xi’an University of Architecture and Technology

Climate comfort home system by menred

Including air source heat pump, ERV,radiant heating and cooling and so on.

The Hope Land

The 2021 SDC "Hope Land-Natural countyard" team is a joint school-enterprise team led by Zhejiang Normal University. This project responds to the country’s call for rural revitalization and the achievement of carbon neutrality. It integrates the concepts of clean energy, low-carbon environmental protection, intelligent interconnection, healthy living, no-waste pension, and green countryside. The solar house of the humanistic spirit of "locality" and "the way of nature"-the natural courtyard.

MENRED G3 ventilation system, IT 90 wall hung ventilator and electric heating are applied to this hope land natural countyard.



Economy Park HQs, Yueqing City, China.


Weisswasser Germany

MENRED Green Building Industrial Park

Lingkun Island,Wenzhou City,Zhejiang China.

MENRED Enviro-Tech Industrial Park

Nanhu District, Jiaxing City, Zhejiang China.