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Professional Ventilation Equipment Manufacturer:Menred Ventilator Factory Introduction

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Located on the shore of Xiangjiadang in Jiaxing's Nanhu District, Zhejiang Province, Menred Jiaxing Environmental Technology Industrial Park is one of three major industrial parks of Menred Group. Every family breathes better air with every ventilator machine we produce here.

The China Central Television showed footage of the Xiangjiadang Menred Jiaxing Environmental Technology Industrial Park

Overlooking Menred Jiaxing Environmental Technology Industrial Park

A Corner of Menred Jiaxing Environmental Technology Industrial Park

Menred Jiaxing Environmental Technology Industrial Park Ventilator Production Workshop

First-class enterprises participate in the development of standards, and Menred works hard to promote product innovations and upgrades using the latest technology.

We believe that good products are the result of continuous investment in product development, and that the R&D facility of the Menred Jiaxing Environmental Technology Industrial Park is equipped with all the necessary testing equipment to achieve effective quality control and ensure product quality stability. National Air Conditioning Institute has accredited the park's national standard laboratory, an award of the provincial research and development center.

Double enthalpy difference total heat exchange equipment performance test room

Double enthalpy difference total heat exchange equipment performance test room

Besides air energy recovery devices, fan coil units, humidifiers, room air conditioners, and multi-connectors, this testing room is also used for testing small heat pumps and equipment that processes heat and humidity. In order to meet the above heat and humidity equipment testing, the dual environment room is used to simulate the working conditions of the indoor side and the outdoor side respectively, which can accurately test the main inspection items of the above heat and humidity equipment.
Air volume, static pressure, and complete pressure, input power, actual exchange rate, exchange efficiency, condensation, condensate treatment, humidification capacity, and wind resistance are all components of the test.

PM2.5 performance test room

1) The test instruments used are imported brands.

2) All types of filters are included in the tests, including coarse, medium, sub-efficient, and high-efficiency ones.

3) Filtration efficiency testing for PM10 and PM2.5 can be conducted.

4) A well-designed, beautiful, easy-to-use and convenient test bench.

Noise testing room

It has also achieved certifications in ISO9001 international quality management systems, ISO14000 international environmental protection systems, EU CE certification, RoHS certification, China CCC certification, OHSAS18001 occupational health management systems certification, and Kangju certification, among others. Numerous awards have been given to our products as top fresh air brands in China as well as consumers' favorite fresh air systems. Commodity After-Sales Service Evaluation System GB/T27922-2021 has given five stars to the after-sales support capability.

Ensure that each unit is 100% tested and qualified before shipping
It combines global resources, introduces innovative technologies, exchanges and cooperates with many domestic and foreign R&D institutions, and establishes long-term technical cooperation, as well as active cooperation with China Academy of Building Research as well as other forms of cooperation with universities.

We added a new production workshop in the TongFu TRUMPF sheet metal workshop, with a CNC lathe, laser cutting machine, and ABB hand tool manufacturing equipment, to make sure every ventilator machine is tested thoroughly as soon as it leaves the factory.

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