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LS8.42 Air Conditioning Room Thermostat

LS8.42 Air Conditioning Room Thermostat

LS8.42 Air Conditioning Room Thermostat
LS8.42 AC thermostats are designed for controlling speed fan and an on/off valve actuator in 2-pipe FCU system, to meet up the adjusted indoor temperature.


LS8.42 air conditioning thermostat, designed to be used in 2-pipe central air conditioning FCU system, is to control indoor temperature by controlling the fan speed of fan coil unit and the switch of electric actuator. The product design is simple and exquisite, which is perfect for any style of decor.

The operation is simple. Heating and cooling modes could be switched by long pressing mode/fan speed button for 5 seconds. Three-gear fan speeds are available and can be adjusted by short pressing mode/fan speed button. More functions such as temperature calibration, power on/off state selection, highest heating temperature and lowest cooling temperature could be set through advanced setting. Child lock avoids the misoperation from children.


-Simple design, fit for different styles of decor

-Low standby consumption

-Child lock, avoid misoperation from child

-RS485 communication for option

-Easy installation, easy operation

Technical data

Voltage: AC220V

Max. output voltage: ≤Imax3A

Power consumption: ≤1.5W

Measured range: -9.5~99.5℃

Setting range: 5~35℃

Ambient temperature: -10~55℃

Protection class: IP20

RS485 communication: Modbus standard protocol


1. The installation must be done after power off.

2. Please connect wires strictly according to the wiring diagram.

3. It is recommended that the installation height should be 1.4m

or be in the same level of other wall switches.

4. If the thermostat displays Er0, the built-in sensor is in breakdown; if the thermostat displays Er1, external sensor is in breakdown.

5. Do not install the thermostat in a non-ventilated position, such

as in the corner, behind the door etc.

6. Do not install the thermostat in a place with strong airflow or

near the cold or heat source.

7. Do not let the water, cement paste, metal particles and other

debris into the thermostat. These will damage the thermostat.

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