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A Premier Kindergarten with 5+MG Five Constants System

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Eyas International Kindergarten is located in Dianchi Tourist Resort Kunming City Yunnan Province, with a building area of 3,200m2, choosing 5+mg(by menred) five-constant AC system , paving 1500 pieces ofceiling radiant cooling panels, a successful pressure preservation, without a leakage point.Top level five constantHVACsystem kindergarten, constant temperature and humidity, constant oxygen, constant cleanliness and constant quietness throughout the year.

Indoor comfort design indicators:

Temperture:winter20℃, summer26℃, temperature fluctuation≤1℃

Humidity:relative humidity40-60%

Oxygen: CO2 ≤700ppm, HCHO≤0.05mg/m3

Clean: PM2.5≤10μg/m3  no condensing no mould growth

Quiet: Silent and windless, heating and cooling radiant panels

The following article content is reprinted from the public AKNF Alumni Association.

Translated content is for reference reading only.

In the design and decoration of kindergartens, the hard furnishings are of utmost importance. Besides pursuing aesthetics, safety and comfort are among the most stringent requirements for KunmingEyas Kids in the design of kindergarten hard furnishings.

We firmly believe that only by providing a safe, comfortable, and reliable environment can children enjoy happy learning and parents be reassured.

Located in the high-quality residential area of Zhu You Xi Long Wan, adjacent to the Dianchi Lake, KunmingEyas Kids originally had a space built for the kindergarten. In order to create a high-quality, high-standard, safe, and comfortable environment for KunmingEyas Kids, we insisted on completely redesigning the existingindoor decoration and HVAC system.

At the beginning of the project, we had multiple discussions and communications with Liu Hongwei, a Master of Architecture from Harvard University School of Design. CombiningEyas Kids' educational philosophy with the designer's own thoughts on education and architecture, we created a space that is both beautiful and practical.

In this article, we will discuss KunmingEyas Kids's considerations for safety and comfort in kindergarten from the perspective of designing.

1. Invisible Peace of Mind and Comfort

For a newly built kindergarten, parents are most concerned about the issue of formaldehyde in the air. Children's respiratory systems are like tender buds that have just sprouted, requiring careful protection. Therefore, the "Five-Constant System" (constant temperature, constant humidity, constant oxygen, constant cleanliness, constant silence) project, which is currently the only one in kindergartensin China, is implemented in KunmingEyas Kids.

▲ Fresh supply air outlet

Children can breathe fresh and clean air even indoors. All classrooms and indoor public spaces in thekindergarten have 24-hour access to fresh air by menred ERV system. The system completes an average of 1.2 air changes per hour, effectively filtering out polluted and harmful gases such as PM2.5 and formaldehyde in the air, reducing the chance of bacterial growth.

During the flu season when viruses are rampant, children are less likely to get sick. The fresh air from the Five-Constant System is different from the direct blowing of traditional air conditioners, and it has nowind feeling, so children won't feel hot and cold alternately. The humidity in the air is also kept within a constant range, creating a moist and comfortable environment, greatly reducing the risk of children catching a cold.

A quiet environment is more conducive to children's focused learning and exploration. The Five-Constant System does not produce irritating noises, and the classroom only has the teachers' lively teaching voices. Even during nap time, children can enjoy quiet sleep.

▲ Radiant panels embedded in the ceiling

Let children feel like it's spring all year round in the kindergarten. In recent years, we have increasingly experienced extreme weather conditions in winter and summer. The cold and warm radiant panels in the system, like capillaries in the human body, are embedded in the "skin" of the ceiling. In summer, cold water passes through the panels, and in winter,warm water passes through them, keeping the water temperature inside the room constant and creating a comfortable and constant temperature for the children.

To provide a "greenhouse" for children in the cold winter, the Five-Constant System acts as a "glass roof," accumulating heat in every strand of air. The warm ground serves as the "soil" for the young seedlings to thrive.

▲ Classroom floor heating installation

Children's little bodies are closer to the ground where they have more activities. The classrooms and other indoor public areas inEyas Kids have full-floor heating installed, with heat rising and evenly dispersed in every corner of the room, gently warming children's feet.

▲ Classroom wood flooring installation

Wooden floors provide a warm andnature touch, creating a safe and comfortable learning space for children. The classrooms are equipped with environmentally friendly, low formaldehyde content, and flame retardant multi-layer solid wood flooring. In a warm environment, children can fully engage in their studies and after class, they can sit, lie down, and play to their heart's content, unleashing their natural instincts.

▲ Linoleum floor installation requiring samples from the international database

▲ Linoleum floor installation scene

Linoleum flooring is installed in the public spaces outside the classrooms. Compared to regular floorings, linoleum is better matched with the constant temperature of the floor heating system, while also taking into account slip resistance and environmental protection.

Children are surrounded by the gentle embrace of the Five-Constant System and floor heating system, creating a comfortable and safe environment. This allows children to enjoy their time in the kindergarten, making them more willing to come here. It also helps children unleash their creativity, imagination, and display more innovative and creative thinking in their learning.

2. Visible Breakthroughs and Care

Children's worlds are full of curiosity and exploration. They dance like butterflies breaking out of cocoons, but they are unaware of the thorns hidden in those beautiful flowers. They flap their wings recklessly, like brave adventurers embarking on an unknown journey.

As guardians, we need to remove these dangerous thorns as much as possible and care for children's safety. We started by removing the original system door and replacing it with a seamless arc-proof door, with close gaps at the door axis to prevent children from putting their fingers or other body parts in, reducing the risk of being pinched.

We also avoid children being hit by the door when it swings violently. Sturdy and rounded door hinges effectively reduce the sway of the door, making the opening and closing process smoother. The buffering mechanism when closing the door gently catches the door like soft hands, reducing the impact force of closing the door, so that children will not be harmed by the door's violent impact.

Every arc in the kindergarten helps protect children's safety. Wherever the gaze reaches, everything the children can touch is a rounded shape. All metal handrails and fence edges were polished into a rounded shape on-site, along with wooden floor edges, customized edges of bathroom corners, mosaic tiles, and every little detail is protecting the safety of children.

Children's visual system is extremely fragile, and prolonged exposure to blue light and glare can cause damage to their eyes. TheEyas has adopted high-quality lighting LED chips and advanced optical technology, which can effectively reduce the radiation of glare and blue light. The color temperature and brightness of the light source are carefully adjusted to create a soft and warm light atmosphere to protect children's visual health.

There are still many more visible and invisible details that KunmingEyas has taken to protect children. The exterior of thekindergartenfacade is covered in a full mesh before applying mortar wall paint; lighter and more durable polycarbonate sheets replace heavy glass for corridor ceilings, outdoor corridors are coated with anti-slip paints, and even the nuts that may protrude behind the TV have been cut and polished.



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