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Innovative energy savings for each room

views: 1240  time: 2016-01-21

Along with its membership in the EnOcean Alliance, the Chinese top HVAC expert Menred brings the EnOcean-based MIBEE intelligent control system to the market. It includes wireless batteryless switches and sensors, for example, an occupancy sensor and a door/window contact, multifunctional actuators for lighting and shading control as well as a smart gateway supporting EnOcean, KNX, Modbus, Ethernet and WiFi.

The combination of highly flexible maintenance-free devices and comprehensive system design perfectly complies with Menred’s strategy and goal of offering its customers the best solution meeting their individual requirements and highest standards in energy efficiency.

Solar-powered thermostat with LCD display, integrating air-conditioning, heating and ventilation control.

Added value for customers

The MIBEE system not only can manage the intelligent control of lighting, shading and security, but also fully combines Menred’s long-term experience in the HVAC industry with EnOcean’s energy harvesting wireless technology to provide customer-specific HVAC solutions. Due to their highly flexible operation, the batteryless wireless devices enable individual system design at maximum energy savings. At the same time, the eco-friendly technology ensures comfort in the long run with no need for a battery change.

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