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How Do You Install a Ventilation System?

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What is the purpose of installing ventilation system?

The importance of ventilation in an energy-efficient home cannot be overstated. Every home and every occupant require a different amount and type of ventilation. There are many factors and preferences that affect proper ventilation systems and operations in different homes, including occupancy levels (people and pets), schedules, activities, health problems, and other factors. In addition to reducing mold growth and structural damage, ventilation helps control humidity.

Ventilation system design

What is energy recovery ventilation system?

With energy recovery ventilation, controlled ventilation is provided with minimal energy loss. Heat is transferred from the warm supply air to the fresh (but cold) exhaust air, reducing winter heating costs. In the summer, the cooler inside air cools the warmer supply air to reduce the cost of ventilation cooling.

Energy recovery system

How do you install a ventilation system?

In this article, we will take an example of installation of ventilation system of pets hotel to show you how the process go through.

Pet hotels are currently ventilated naturally (mostly through doors and windows) and do not have air conditioning. Therefore, the smell, heat and humidity in the room are quite unpleasant. The problem is that the heat, humidity, odor, bacteria and other contaminants are not handled properly. After the site visit, we analyzed the current problem and proposed a solution as follows

Pet hotel in Vietnam

  • Insulation material is used to reinforce windows, doors, cracks in the wall, holes in the ceiling, etc., which will affect ventilation and temperature control inside the house.
  • We install the fresh air ventilation system for home and air conditioner according to the designed plan. The ventilation system adopts two NET PRO+ 250(air volume 250m3/h); the air conditioner adopts three floor-standing air conditioners.