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Features of Menred Heat Exchanger Core

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What is the core exchanger?

As we all know, the main function of the ERV/HRV is to supply fresh air to the indoor and exhaust the stale air out of the room. During the air exchange from indoor and outdoor, there will be a temperature difference. Big temperature difference between two sides will cause great pressure to the air conditioning system or floor heating system, which will consume more energy to keep the indoor comfortable.

Exchanger core, as one of important parts in the ventilator, plays a key role in minimizing the energy loss. It uses an ingenious air supply design to make both indoor or outdoor air pass through the same exchanger core. (just passing, no cross contamination). The temperature is retained on the exchanger core which reduces the temperature difference between the outdoor and indoor air.

How many types of exchanger cores are there in the market now?

Wheel type exchanger core: complicated mechanical wheel structure; the belt in the drive motor need replacing regularly; the absorbed VOC will be transferred to the fresh air side.

Aluminum/plastic core: only exchange the air temperature, not humidity; difficult to prevent freezing at low temperature; a water drainage system is needed

Paper core: low humidity exchange efficiency; Prone to breeding bacteria and mold; unwashable; serious internal leakage.

What are the features of Menred ERV core?

1-Comfortable and energy saving

Menred works together with DAIS company, an American company dedicated to membrane scientific research for more than 20 years, to launch an ERV core. Our ERV core, adopting nano-membrane as core material, improves the energy recovery efficiency of the ventilation system, and is effective in both summer and winter conditions. It can transfer humidity (if needed) into the Fresh Air (FA) stream (winter conditions) and reduce moisture from the FA stream during periods of high outdoor humidity (summer conditions). The core is washable, no air leakage, and does not freeze even when the outdoor temperature drops to -20℃. Our ERV core works year round providing maximum energy savings and comfort for you.

Dais CEO Tim and Menred chief engineer Yu Doming are having technical discussions

2-Anti-bacteria, anti-virus

A report Antiviral Surface Coating with Aqualyte Polymers - R0 issued by DAIS company in February 9, 2020 indicated that viral envelopes found in many infectious strains are biologically similar to the cell membranes surrounding bacterial cells. The low local pH characteristic of Aqualyte polymers has been shown to disrupt bacterial cells and keep them from colonizing surfaces coated with Aqualyte, so it is expected that the material will have the same effect on viruses.

The membranes of our core have been tested by a third-party testing organization, proving that the surface can kill 99.9999% of bacteria and 99% of viruses, including the coronavirus family, whose newest member, SARS-CoV-2, is currently causing a global pandemic of covid-19. The membrane is non-porous, but allows the molecule of water(0.3 nanometer) to pass. It does not allow SARS-CoV-2 novel coronavirus(60-140 nanometer) to transfer. Plus 99.9999% of pathogens will be killed in 5 minutes in the surface of membranes.

Test result of Aqualyte membrane by Guangdong detection center of microbiology

So our ERV core is more superior and safer than any kind of exchanger core in the market.


Nanomembrane production line

RTO Regenerative Oxidation Furnace

Air tightness experiment of polymer micro-nano membrane

(All membrane materials must pass a leak test before being applied to the product)



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