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Earth Day 2022

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Earth Day 2022

April 2022

Invest in our Planet

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Earth Day Livestream – April 22nd – Nature in the Race to Zero

EARTHDAY.ORG, together with our partners, was proud to present the Earth Day Climate Action Summit. We need to reach net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by mid-century to keep the global temperature below 1,5°C. Learn about some key solutions that will help us deliver the greenhouse gas reductions needed by 2030 to meet the Paris Agreement.

Save 1.04 million kWh of electricity a year?
See what MENRED"carbon neutral factory" has done?
Unlock multi-ways to love the earth together!

Exploring the road to a "carbon neutral factory"

MENRED Oujiangkou Green Building Industrial Park  realized photovoltaic power generation as early as 2017. The photovoltaic installed capacity of the park is 1.08 MW, and a total of 4,000 polysilicon photovoltaic panels of 1.6 square meters are laid, which is equivalent to the size of a football field.

In 2021, the photovoltaic power generationwas 1.04 million kWh, and 80% of the photovoltaic power generation supplied to the daily electricity consumption of the industrial park, saving more than 640,000RMB in electricity costs, and the remaining 20%was supplied to the national grid. Compared with traditionalcoal power generation, it can save 337.6 tons of standard coal per year, reducing Carbon dioxide emissions were 934.9 tons, sulfur dioxide emissions were 28.1 tons, dust emissions were 255.1 tons, and 3,751.0 tons of water was saved. According to statistics, each tree can absorb 5 to 10 kilograms of carbon emissions a year. Therefore, reducing carbon emissions by 934.9 tons is equivalent to planting 124,653 trees.It’s a veritable "carbon neutral factory".

Polysilicon photovoltaic panels in Oujiangkou Green Building Industrial Park

What is distributed Solarpower generation?

A distributedSolarpower station usually refers to a power generation system that utilizes distributed resources and is arranged near users. DistributedSolar power station refers to a distributedSolar power station system that usesPV modules and directly converts solar energy into electrical energy according to the principle ofPV effect.

It is a new type of comprehensive utilization of power generation and energy with broad development prospects. Advocating the principle of "generating electricity nearby and using it nearby", it effectively solves the problem of power loss in boosting and long-distance transmission.

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Green energy-saving's building thermal activation

"Building Thermal Activation" uses the floor of the building structure radiant cooling and heating system to integrate radiant cooling and heating and radiant cooling and heating.

At the beginning of the construction of the Menred factory, the building structure radiant cooling and heating system was used naturalenergy sources, such as solar energy and ground energy. When heating, the energy can be directly exchanged for "low temperature hot water", and when cooling, the ground energy can be directly exchanged for "high temperature cold water"; reduce the time for the heat pump to do work, and realize only the frequency conversion pump cycle to achieve longer cooling and heating .

The terminal system (indoor heat exchanger) has high utilization rate of "high temperature cold water, low temperature hot water", and lays PE-Xa pipes in the building concrete structure. Because it is an energy-saving building, the cooling index per square meter of 90W/m2 is much lower than the design of traditional air conditioners, which truly saves energy from the source. The cold and heat sources of the plant are directly exchanged for underground energy by the water pump cycle, combined with the radiant cooling and heating of the floor in the structure,take the advantages ofrenewable energy.

MENRED industrial park structure built-in heating and cooling system

Air compressor heat recovery makes energy recycle use

Menred industrialpark rationally uses the energy recovery after the operation of the air compressor to reduce the working electricity consumption of the air compressor exhaust.

Add water-cooled variable frequency screw air compressor DS22-20KW cooling circuit, Add water-cooled heat recovery machine HR-30S Add 2 tons of heat preservation water tower, use cold water to cool the air compressor running heat, and recover hot water for dormitory use,and canceledthe original air-cooled. This project investmentwas about¥200,000.

Before renovation: the air-cooled fan runs 3KW, as per 8 hours a day,itconsumes 24 kWh of electricity every day.

After renovation:withheat recovery, 40°C hot water at 349KG/H provided every day for free.

Rainwater Recycling in industrial park

Rainwater, as a clean, economical and convenient water source, has been paid more and more attention by people.

The rainwater has undergone multiple pre-treatment steps to ensure the water quality of the collected rainwater in menred industrial park. The water storage module which effectively ensures the water quality of the water storage, and at the same time does not occupy space, the construction is simple, convenient, environmentally friendly and safe. The rainwater can be easily sent to thewater tapthrough the pressure control pump and the rainwater controller, and the rainwater controller can reflect the waterlevel of the rainwater storage tank in real time, so as to reach the waterterminal use.

Energy saving and emission reduction, green and environmental protection, reduce the discharge of rainwater, and make water desirable in drought and emergency situations. In addition, the miscellaneous water in daily life can be used to save tap water and reduce the cost of water treatment.



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