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DO I need a manifolds for underfloor heating?

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A manifolds is the controls center for underfloor heating system, it composed of two parts , the water distributor and collector are combined together, the water distributor is for water inlet,built-in static flow balance valve, the collector is for water return, built-in circuit control valve, there are branches on the distributor and collector formed loops to each room, that you can control each rooms temperature as you desired.

Underfloor heating manifolds connect the pipes to heat source(heat pump, boiler or hot water tank etc.), it is used to control the flow of water through the system, providing warm water to each heating zone.

Manifolds installed the thermal actuators and smart thermostats that can realize one set manifolds to control multiple zones with different temperature. When a room is unoccupied for a long time, you can also turn off this loop of heating alone by smart thermostat.

The manifold is an indispensable part of the floor heating system and the basic configuration for energy-saving heating.

How many underfloor heating manifolds do I need?

It’s according to how big you house, what diameter of underfloor heating(UFH) pipes are you choose. Here are some information for you to reference, if you choose DN16mm underfloor heating pipes, We recommend that the laying distance of  DN16mm underfloor heating pipe is 15cm, and one square meter needs about 6.6m, each branch of UFH manifold can be connected to a Max. 90m pipe. If you choose DN20mm UFH pipes, the recommended spacing between pipes is 25cm, one square meter needs about 4 meters of pipes, and the longest pipe of each branch is 110m.

For example, a 110-square-meter house is planing to install underfloor heating, the heating area about 88m2, they choose DN16mm pipes. Then Using the above method, it can be calculated that about 7 branches of manifolds are required.

Where should underfloor heating manifolds be placed?

There are many options for the installation location of the underfloor heating manifolds, and it is generally required to be in a place that is convenient for maintenance and repair. If there is an equipment room, it is best to install it directly in the equipment room.

If there is no equipment room, there are other options for you. The manifold is not used as frequently as the thermostat and can be installed in a relatively concealed location, such as a kitchen cabinet or a concealed cabinet in the aisle. Furthermore, one thing to be noted that the location of the manifold should be installed as close to the heat source(Boilers or heat pump)as possible to reduce the heat loss during conveying hot water in the pipes.

How to install underfloor heating manifolds?

Follow the underfloor hrating manifolds instructions and get it



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