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Cathay View Countyard Residence

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Cathay View Countyard Residence

Cathay View Countyard Residence Cathay View Countyard Residence Cathay View Countyard Residence Cathay View Countyard Residence

Use:Underfloor heating, ventilation system

Application:Cathay View courtyard residence|Miyun

Characteristics:Underfloor heating and ventilation system for villa residence. According to the owner high demands on indoor comfort climate, this project introduced the integration of underfloor heating and ventilation system, low energy consumption due to the efficiency heat and humidify recovery ventilator. When underfloor heating meets energy recovery ventilator, which is comfortable and energy saving, this is the best configuration.

More about this Project

Miyun is located in the half-hour economic circle of the capital, 40 kilometers away from the urban area, 35 kilometers away from the Capital International Airport, 86 kilometers away from Tianjin Jixian County, and 150 kilometers away from Chengde. In ancient times, the emperor traveled, there were special palace. Miyun is located at the foot of the imperial city. During the reign of Emperor Kangxi, the emperor gave it the "Eight Scenic Spots of Miyun" as a tourist attraction. As a great mountain and river view in Beijing, with convenient transportation, it has been built as a one-hour "ligong" residence for modern urbanites.

With a total construction area of 171,707 square meters, 185 single-family courtyard villas constructed with a plot ratio of 0.4. The wall strips the private courtyard from the public space completely, making the private courtyard truly become an outdoor living space. The classic windmill layout and other innovative techniques make the houses fit together with convenient transportation; the number of south-facing rooms increases, the width of the area increases, the lighting and ventilation are good, and the penetrating living room design makes the building more livable.

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