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Big news! Menred was awarded the Top10 comfortable home appliance brands

views: 1990  time: 2021-11-12

On November 10, 2021, after seven months of selection of top 30 brands in category, online voting of top10 brands, expert review and other links, the list of "2021 Consumer Trust top 10 Household Brands" was officially announced. Menred won the title of "2021 Consumer Trust Top10 Comfortable home Appliances Brand".

The selection by the Leju home and sina home, China building decoration association, the national federation furniture industry association, China building sanitary ceramics association, China building materials circulation association, the Chinese electrical appliances electronics association, China timber circulation association with wood, China's home textiles industry association, China intelligent household industry union guidance. Beachhead "Top 10 home appliance brand - 30 strong selection" and in April this year to open until the end of September, the final selection "Top 10 home appliance brand - 30 gets to the final 10" activity and October grand set sail, so far this year, 2021 consumer trustworthy brand campaign has been all over Top 10 home appliance, activities covering more than 100 cities in China, nearly thousand companies participated, A total of 15.15 million valid votes were cast online.

Led by more than 200 industry associations, senior experts and scholars, media heads, more than 1000 designers and foreman composed of experts review meeting comprehensive review. Finally, 15 sub lists including 15 industries in which consumers trust the top ten home brands in 2021 were generated.

The selection from the product, innovation, brand comprehensive review three latitude, the whole selection process always strike a fair, impartial and open principle, by consumers and workers, deeply involved in household. Finally, the listed enterprises will be high-quality consumer brands that have been rigorously tested by the market. They will be remembered by the industry, and their typical cases and demonstration spirit will be better displayed and inherited, becoming a solid foundation for the construction and circulation of the new economic system.

---news from Sina home



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