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Are you still worry about the underfloor heating disadvantage?

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There are some people worried about disadvantages of using underfloor heating, such as the underfloor heating cost, it takes longer time to heat up. But compare its benefits, these two points can be ignored.

What are the advantages of underfloor heating

Nowadays,underfloor Heating is getting increasingly popular every year and becoming standard in most new builds as well as old building retrofit. Whatever water heating or electric heating, there is no doubt it’s benefit for people using underfloor heating.

  • Efficiency

Choose the energy by Heat pump.

Heat pumps are a renewable energy product, sourcing energy from the air or ground, and aim to efficiently pump this heat throughout the underfloor system. These pumps can provide domestic heated water of up to 60˚C, while providing a lower, and more efficient, temperature throughout the underfloor pipes. Underfloor heating works with the heat pump in order to provide a controlled level of heat throughout the system, efficiently regulating according to the user’s heating requirements.

  • Easy to run

Generally, underfloor heating requires very limited maintenance once installed, and running and most systems come with a lifetime warranty.

Additionally, a underfloor heating smart thermostat is very helpful during in heating season, you can even control your heating device any time any where, using the underfloor heating smart thermostat can solve the long time to heat up after you arrive at home,  when you at your doorstep that room is warm and cozy.

  • Potential health implications

Convection heating currents can serve to aggravate asthma sufferers and people who may have dust allergies due to the fact that the currents circulate and distribute a greater level of dust throughout the room and household. Underfloor heating provides a cleaner radiant heat causing less discomfort to sufferers.

  • Safety and Comfort

Heat from underfloor heating systems is much more comfortable and evenly spread compared to that of a traditional radiator – the air is fresher and more oxygen rich, plus there is no need to worry about the little ones hurting themselves on a hot radiator.

Underfloor heating in your home or business can lead to improvements in cost, health, maintenance and flexibility. People are striving for more and more convenience in their life, underfloor heating definitely fits the brief.

Besides above benefits, you may also would like to know,

Is underfloor heating expensive to run?

This cannot be absolutely said that the use of floor heating is expensive, it depends on the energy prices of different regions to determine whether it is reasonable. In some countries, if electric heating is adopted, the local electricity price is high than Gas, that the usage for underfloor heating is relatively expensive. Then you can choose natural gas and air source heat pump as the heat source for underfloor heating at the initial stage, which compare to underfloor heat mat or cable is much cheaper.

Which type of underfloor heating is best?

That is difficult to say which is the best floor heating, it is mainly suitable!

For example, a heating room with a larger area is more suitable for water underfloor heating, a heating room with a smaller area is more suitable for electric underfloor heating. Because if the room area is large and electric floor heating is used, the home power may not be enough, and the electric floor heating may not be used normally. In this situation, it is more appropriate to use water floor heating which including room thermostat, manifolds, actuator and heating pipes. When the room area is small, using water floor heating may not be economical because of the heating device cost, it is suitable to use electric floor heating or radiator.

However, if you consider using air source heat pumps when designing floor heating, intelligently controlled floor heating is better. You can save running bills and use mobile app to control it at any time.

Can you have underfloor heating with wooden floors?

At present, there are many wooden flooring bands can supply underfloor heating wood floor, that ensuring the sense of thermal comfort for the users.



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