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Application of mibee smart system in apartment

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Application of mibee smart system in apartment

Application of mibee smart system in apartment Application of mibee smart system in apartment Application of mibee smart system in apartment Application of mibee smart system in apartment

Use:Smart home control, underfloor heating, air conditioning, and electric curtain.

Application: Huili|Bund Mansion. Zhoushan 

Characteristics: Based on the characteristics of miBEE smart products, this case independently designed a comprehensive and fixed German-style smart control program. When you step into the room, you can feel the simplicity, generosity, and wisdom. The light and curtain switch panels all use powerless and wireless switches. All switches can be fixed in position after decoration, and there is no need to reserve cassettes, slotting, and wiring during the whole process. The switch can also set the scene, such as "Leaving home mode". In addition, central air-conditioning andunderfloor heating are also integrated into the smart system to enhance the comfort experience of the owner’s family.The whole house is equipped with intelligent lighting, intelligent electric curtains, security systems, air conditioning intelligent control systems, and floor heating intelligent control systems.

More about this project

The Lobby

A powerless and wireless switch with scene function is installed in the hall, you can choose between leaving home mode and going home mode, making it easier to leave home and go home.

Living Room

The living room is equipped with electric curtains, intelligent lighting, and monitoring, all ofthatare combined to control at home anytime, anywhere.

Master Bedroom

Powerless and wireless switches and electric curtains are naturally integrated into the bedroom.


An ENOCEAN human body detector is installed in the bathroom. When a person enters, the light automaticallyon, when a person leaves, the lightoff with a delay of 3 minutes.

Central Air Conditioning

This house uses Fujitsu central air-conditioning, and miBEEApp compatible with Fujitsu control protocol.

UnderFloor heating

This house is equipped withmenred underfloor heating system,controlled bymiBEE smart APP.

TmallGenievoice Controls

The home intelligent system combined with the Tmallgenie voice recognition device realizes voice control of the smart device at home.

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