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Antifreeze Tips

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Antifreeze Tips for heating

Underfloor heating installation in winter: the ambient temperature should not be lower than 5℃. When constructing in an environment below 0℃, the site should take warming measures, when conducting water pressuretesting in winter, reliable anti-freezing measures should be taken in the case of possible freezing, and the water inside the underfloor heating pipe should be blown clean and dried in time after the test pressure is completed.

System insulation: equipment and pipes installed in the ambient temperature may be lower than 5 ℃ need to pay attention to the necessary insulation measures to avoid the risk of freezing of D.H.W. pipes, if not used for a long time can be drained of water in the system.

How can I prevent my water purification system from freezing up?

To prevent freezing up of the water purification system: When the indoor temperature is below 5°C, please close the water purifier inlet valve and stop using the product. When the temperature is below 0°C, empty the water and wait until the temperature is above 10°C. Thaw naturally for 48 hours before continuing to use the machine and check for cracks or water seepage.

How to avoid my boilers frozen

Antifreeze for wall-hung boilers: In winter, please keep the wall-hung boilers electrified, with sufficient gas, normal water pressure, and no faults, and the heating system is operating normally. If there is no one at home or the wall-hung boilers are not used for a long time, please empty the water of the entire heating system. (Drainage is professional work, it is recommended to be done by professionals).

Kind remind

If there is a freezing accident in your home, please be sure to close the main water supply valve as soon as possible to prevent the occurrence of water leakage accidents, or contact us to arrange the nearest service.



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